Filling knowledge gaps, delivering policy-relevant analysis

The EUKN provides tailor-made and evidence-based expertise on urban development topics to our members and other stakeholders. Supported by thematic experts, our research activities facilitate knowledge exchange and provide policy-focused analysis on key topics in the urban sphere. 

We collaborate a range of organisations and institutions to produce our publications, including the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and DG REGIO. 

The publications below are a sample of the key research activities the EUKN Secretariat has carried out and coordinated. To learn more, please contact the EUKN Secretariat at 



Policy Atlas of Sustainable Urban Development for Small Urban Areas

An important new repository of empirical and policy insight on SUAs published by the JRC with contribution from the EUKN.

JRC urban

The JRC’s urban activities and the New Leipzig Charter: Exploring the role of science for policy post 2020

Investigating the JRC’s potential role in supporting urban policy-making over the next ten years, within the framework for sustainable urban development proposed by the New Leipzig Charter.


Localising the Sustainable Development Goals

Exploring the European localisation of the 2030 Agenda, blending policy analysis and practice to contextualise global sustainability agendas’ urban relevance, and their translation to local level.


Greener Cities, Greener Europe – Conference Report

Exploring the Urban Agenda for the EU’s concrete contribution to Europe’s sustainable transition, focusing on its ‘green’ Partnerships.


The National Impact of the Urban Agenda for the EU: 2016-2019

Analysing developments in the Urban Agenda for the EU’s Partnerships and action plans, to assess their impact on governance structures and urban policies within Member States.

innovative urban initiative

Urban Agenda for the EU: Multi-level governance in action

Investigating actions and achievements since the start of the Urban Agenda for the EU, an innovative initiative supporting cities to shape urban policy alongside national, regional and EU actors.


Ten years after the Leipzig Charter

Investigating the state of integrated urban development in Europe, a decade on from the introduction of the Leipzig Charter.

Pact of Amsterdam

One year: Pact of Amsterdam

Investigating the implementation of the Urban Agenda for the EU’s Partnership actions, as well as their impacts and spin-off effects, a year on from their launch with the Pact of Amsterdam.

Handbook of Urban Governance of Free Movement in the EU

IMAGINATION: Handbook of Urban Governance of Free Movement in the EU

Assisting European government officials and key urban actors in developing appropriate responses to increasingly diversified intra-EU mobility.