Czechia’s National Urban Policy constitutes an integral part of their regional development policy. Guided by its Principles of Urban Policy framework document and the Regional Development Strategy, Czechia aims for a polycentric, inclusive, and equity-orientated urban development. Besides ample use of integrated planning and development instruments like the EU’s ITI framework implementation or pursuing the SMART cities concept at various levels of governance, further European-wide initiatives like the Urban Agenda for the EU and URBACT are key elements of Czechia’s urban policy.

Key documents

Principles of Urban Policy

This framework document defines state policy on urban matters as cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary. It provides guidelines and recommendations for Czechia’s self-governing regions and cities. The document is currently under revision.

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Regional Development Strategy 2021+

The strategy determines key territorial objectives aligning local development to national priorities. It explains how the Principles of Urban Policy are implemented, assessed and revised.

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“The EUKN guarantees expertise, facilitating urban knowledge exchange and outreach in the complex field of urban matters through a cross-sectorial approach, country-tailored advice and cooperation with key European players.”

Vera-Karin Brázová, Ministry of Regional Development, EUKN Assembly Member

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