Joint organiser: Czech Ministry of Regional Development

This Policy Lab launched the EUKN ‘Thinking beyond the crisis’ series, an initiative developing the EUKN’s research into the urban impact of and response to the coronavirus outbreak.Discussing local and national solutions, it raises two interconnected questions:

  1. To what extent could innovative short-term, city-level solutions inspire changes in national urban policies and become long-term national strategies?
  2. How can national strategies and structures support local capacities and (new and existing) pathways towards more just, green and productive cities in a post-COVID-19 Europe?

This webinar saw representatives of Czech cities and European experts discuss the ‘SMART Czechia’ concept drafted by the Czech Ministry for Regional Development in response to the pandemic, including its implications for local authorities. The concept centres on resilience at municipality, city and region levels, via integrated use of technology and innovative solutions. It is further based on three pillars for sustainable development: people and communities, local economy, and environment for life.

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