In early November 2021, the EUKN unveiled the website where you find yourself now: a fresh and dynamic look to better communicate our ongoing mission, values and approach.

Through redesigning the EUKN’s online presence, our main aim was to better reflect the nature of our work. We’re a driven team, constantly adapting to new sociopolitical situations and evolving our projects to meet our members’ unique needs.

A refreshed overview of our work effectively communicates what the EUKN offers to anyone visiting our site, be they an existing or potential member, project partner or urban policy expert interested in joining our network. We’ve placed our main work areas front and centre, from our signature EUKN Policy Labs to the support we offer our members during their Presidencies of the Council of the European Union.

The redesign aims to communicate our key values on a visual as well as textual level.

The new EUKN logo features a single, continuous and unfolding line to embody the interconnectedness at our network’s core. Bringing together urban knowledge sources and international stakeholders is what we do, supported by a deeply collaborative network of European member states, partner institutions and urban policy experts. Visual elements echo this, for example evoking the mosaic-like way in which our members form a vibrant, diverse whole.

This fresh look sets the tone for the future of the EUKN: dynamically evolving to support forward-thinking and sustainable developments in urban policy, while maintaining the connectedness, collaboration and European spirit at the heart of our work.