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The Partnership on Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees in EU Cities: Janne van Eerten
Urban Voices

Janne van Eerten on… the Partnership on Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees in EU Cities

Janne van Eerten, one the coordinators of the Urban Partnership on the Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees, describes the aim of the partnership and its application in the context of the war in Ukraine

The opportunities of shrinking cities on a road toward urban resilience: Martin Grisel
Urban Voices

Martin Grisel on… the opportunities of shrinking cities on a road toward urban resilience

The EUKN Director, Martin Grisel, describes cities' and policies' potential responses to the phenomenon of shrinking cities.

Urban Voices

Sabrina Abdi on… the urban programme of the French Council Presidency

Sabrina Abdi, from the French National Agency for the cohesion of Territories, presents the French Council Presidency programme on urban matters, including the role of the just dimension of cities.

a new nature-centred mindset: Nature-based Thinking
Urban Voices

Geovana Mercado on… setting a new nature-centred mindset: Nature-based Thinking

Geovana Mercado explains the potentialities of Nature-based Thinking (NBT), a new nature-centred mindset that the CONEXUS project, through its Life-Labs, is promoting.

Urban Voices

Martha Fajardo on… what we can learn from nature-based ancestral knowledge systems in Latin America

Martha Fajardo shares a Latin American take on preserving cultural and landscape diversity, stressing the need to adopt a less utilitarian outlook on nature, pursuing a planetary health perspective.

homelessness in European
Urban Voices

Sjoerdje van Heerden on… current trends of homelessness in European cities

The pandemic has put a spotlight on homelessness. The implementation of “stay at home” orders immediately made it clear that there are people who have no place to go to.

Urban Voices

Alessandro Rancati on… merging the two cultures of design and policy-making

Alessandro Rancati shares his expert knowledge on the culture of design, how it could be merged with the culture of policy-making, and why this 'merging' operation could bring positive results.

design in urban policy, embracing complexity through design
Urban Voices

Geert Brinkman on… embracing complexity through design

Geert Brinkman elaborates on the value of design as a tool to enhance the problem-solving capacity of public organizations, face complexity and respond to the wicked problems of our time.

urban mobility, creating systemic change by learning from urban experiments
Urban Voices

Luca Bertolini on… creating systemic change by learning from urban experiments

Luca Bertolini explains the link between urban mobility experiments and urban sustainable transition, and how urban mobility experiments can teach us about creating systemic change.

EU urban policy, the German EU Presidency and the New Leipzig Charter
Urban Voices

Tilman Buchholz on… the German EU Presidency and the New Leipzig Charter

Tilman Buchholz, from the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, shares with us the German EU Presidency's biggest achievement and adoption of the New Leipzig Charter.

Sensing the city, experimental methods: Franziska Schreiber
Urban Voices

Franziska Schreiber on… sensing the city

Franziska Schreiber from the University of Stuttgart argues that to create more liveable cities, human emotions and senses should be front and centre in urban planning and policy-making.

urban circular economies
Urban Voices

Miguel Rivas on… scaling urban circular economies

Miguel Rivas from TASO shares with us the on-the-ground enablers and accelerating frameworks that can help to upscale the urban circular economy and make it a permanent feature of city life.