This month, we introduce a new format of Urban Voices: an audio podcast experience! Listen to Lucie Greyl and Tom Wild discussing how cities and urban policies can shape a climate-neutral future in Europe, and beyond.

The first episode of Urban Voices focuses on the theme of cities, specifically national urban policies, striving for, and contributing to, climate-neutrality.¬†Based on EUKN’s session during the World Urban Forum, our Communications and Policy officer, Adela Hankus, talks to two guests:

  • Lucie Greyl (from the Board of Directors of A Sud, an independent Italian association dealing with environmental conflict)
  • and Tom Wild (University of Sheffield, principal investigator of CONEXUS, a Horizon2020 EU-funded project)

to respond to, and discuss statements concerning the contribution of cities as well as national and international legislations to Europe’s climate-neutrality goals.

Listen to the whole episode to find out more!