Joint organiser; ICLEI Europe, the Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building, Germany. 

On 29 September 2021, the European Commission launched the EU Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, with the clear goal of claiming the neutrality of 100 European cities by 2030.

Less than 8 years separate the 100 selected cities from this ambitious goal – this certainly makes the mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities very challenging, but does it also make it impossible?

Not if cities remain committed and adequate infrastructures are promptly put in place, facilitating the development and implementation of the Climate City Contracts.

This Policy Lab will aim to explore best ways forward for the 100 selected cities, keeping the momentum generated by the Mission while inspiring other cities to follow. 

Harnessing on ICLEI’s most recent work on operationalising the concept of Common Good in urban sustainability management, the Policy Lab will connect the EU Mission and sustainability transition with the Common Good (one of the key concepts of the 2021 New Leipzig Charter).

The Policy Lab will take place on 15 September 2022,  in Berlin, as part of the 15th Federal Congress of National Urban Development Policy (14-16 September). Read more in the programme available below and keep an eye out on our communication channels for the registration link, coming soon!