Ensuring sustainable development in present and future societies is an urgent challenge and requires joint efforts on different governance levels: national, local and international, as well as the involvement of different stakeholders: the public and private sector, knowledge institutions, and citizens themselves. This collective accomplishment is possible only if the Sustainability Development Goals are translated into coordinated action at local levels.

We chose to tackle the topic of localisation of SDGs in our October newsletter because cities have a special role to play in fulfilling the SDGs. This is specifically reflected in Goal number 11: “Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable”.

Read this month’s newsletter to find out more and stay tuned for… the next episode of our podcast Urban Voices.  In the second episode of the podcast, Adela Hankus will chat with EUKN’s Policy and Project Officer, Federica Risi, about her experience with localising the SDGs in the context of nature-based-solutions and the CONEXUS project.