In light of recent events, the war in Ukraine and connected to it movement of people, in this month’s Urban Review, we focus on the topic of the integration of migrants and refugees in cities. We are engaged in the discussion on the importance of policies, projects and initiatives in relation to the integration of displaced populations and welcoming refugees within European cities.

Refugee and migration flows are often unpredictable occurrences which have varied effects on urban areas: both of home and host cities. National urban policies and international guidelines must accommodate such volatile flows and provide support to welcome migrating or fleeing populations ensuring their needs are met. Refugees and migrants can shift the whole city dynamic and affect the economic, social and spatial fabrics of urban areas which increases the importance of good integration and support systems and initiatives.

Read the April 2022 Urban Review to find out more about the EU Partnership on Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees, from our Urban Voice of the month, as well as learn about upcoming EUKN activities and further initiatives on migrant and refugee inclusion launched by our partner organisations.