On 26 November, at the Informal Meeting of European Ministers responsible for Urban Matters, the Ljubljana Agreement was adopted. Built upon the 2016 Pact of Amsterdam, this strategic document constitutes a renewed commitment to the Urban Agenda for the EU and its signature approach: multi-level and intergovernmental cooperation to tackle urban challenges.

The Ljubljana Agreement presents a new Multiannual Working Programme and four new priority themes for the Urban Agenda for the EU. Both are the results of a one-year participatory process that has involved multiple cities, countries and stakeholders – in true Urban Agenda spirit. This complex yet fruitful process was led by the current EU Council Presidency Trio (Germany, Portugal and Slovenia) with the support of the EUKN and other external partners.

Read the December Urban Review for more information on the Ljubljana Agreement, the EUKN contribution to the process, and top read on the topic. And if you’re feeling lost in the European Urban Policies world, we’ve got you covered! Have a look at our website for an overview of the concrete milestones reached over the past few years.

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