The principles and objectives of a National Urban Policy are integrated into Slovenia’s national Spatial Development Strategy. The Strategy strives for a balance between competitiveness and cohesion, with cities playing particular roles as they contribute to polycentric development and higher competitiveness of a national territory, while providing fair access to jobs and services, public infrastructure and mobility services. This urban policy places strong emphasis on high quality of life in cities, supporting urban renovation, improving accessibility to housing, ensuring quality public spaces and green infrastructure and increasing urban resilience.

Key documents

Spatial Development Strategy of Slovenia

The Strategy provides guidelines for spatial development on national, regional and local levels and focuses on promoting vital and attractive cities and other settlements through quality management and planning.

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National Housing Programme 2015 – 2025

The Programme establishes an active housing policy with the following main objectives: balanced supply of adequate housing, improving access to housing, improving quality and functionality of housing stock and increasing housing mobility of the population.

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