Belgium’s urban policy is based on the principles of the New Leipzig Charter and on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to reinforce the exchange of best practices in Belgium and abroad by financing research and meetings on urban topics. The design and implementation of this urban policy involves the federal State, regional authorities and local administrations.

Key documents


The Belgian federal administration of urban policy is part of the federal Ministry for Social Integration, which is in charge of the federal policy for tackling poverty. The majority of this Ministry’s budget is dedicated to financing Public Social Welfare Centres. These local centres prevent people from falling into poverty and social exclusion when they have lost their right to social benefits. As a result, over the last five years, the main focus of the federal urban policy has been on social topics and anti-poverty policy. All relevant documents can be found on the Ministry’s website.


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“The EUKN is a consolidating partner for its members in the pursuit of sustainable urban development: while Policy Labs support us in exchanging ideas, publications keep us up to date on urban challenges. As a privileged partner of EU bodies, the EUKN brings in its members’ voices to develop more green, just and productive cities.”

Jean-Marc Dubois, Ministry for Social Integration, EUKN Assembly Member